Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ek Puppy Aapy dho

You might wonder what that means. You gotta know gujju for that OR you have to ask my dear friend ganja. Ganesh aka ganja, even after knowing what that means, says that statement to a gujju female who happens to come with us for the trek to Saurkundi pass. This is how it all started.

Initially ganja being a maajor fart god, keeps farting with all the junta out there, much more than the rest of us from IITM on extremely trivial/ completely boring topics which none of us in TG would want to talk about. Pk and I used to have nice discussions in the tent about ganja's farting skills. God knows whether they were farting or flirting. We assumed it was just the former, until our man does this stud thing.

A few gujju junta were there with us while we were eating and one guy happens to teach us some gujju. "Kame cho" meaning "how are you?". "Majaa maa" meaning "I am fine". "Meno bhi majaa maa" meaning "I am fine too". Then one guy says you can also say "Ek puppy aapy dho" meaning of which will be revealed at the end of the blog to keep the surprise going :D. Now our great man ganja packs and later goes and tries the phrase on a gujju female who was not in the party teaching us these words. He claims to have said that statement only because some other junta insisted him to and gave a disclaimer in the beginning to that girl before saying it. God knows where his brains were. I think he kept it in the tent :P. Now ganja has been farting with this female for quite a few days and thinks that girl wouldnt "mind" if its just said in a "playful" way. Alas, ganja was wrong. Just as ganja finished uttering those words, her face turns pale. She just leaves that place and doesnt talk with ganja after that. lol! We were laughing our f*cking ass off when ganja came and told the story to us. We were max teasing him and ganja was slisha psyched and he tried to console himself about this by saying "I dont care da. I have seen many people like this in jncasr. It doesnt matter." . We were like "yeah right! How could you do this da ganja! cupper". haha

Soon the gujju junta and a few other junta who know about this and the female well, start paining ganja :P. We had max fun man!!! It was ganja rape most of the time. Breakfast, during trek, lunch, dinner most of the day. Then some other fellow who thought he was helping ganja went and spoke to the female, and ganja gets more pained with that. lollu! Finally it was settled amicably when that female and ganja talked with each other a few days later. God knows what that conversation was. How I wish I overheard that :D

Anyway, if you wanna know what that phrase means ... it means "Give me a kiss"

Goooooooooooooooooooo ganja!


Vindy said...

Ganja gad wonly!!

^:)^ to ganja

Nivedita said...

dunno how the girl left him alive [:)]


Cool da Ganja... :)

"Ek puppy aapy dho"

JK said...

Hail ummma fello! lollu =))
nice one

Abi said...

he only wanted a kiss no? and that too the female was not tam.. :P

sad ending for ganja though.. Did he get her ym id or something?

Noemaun Ahmed said...

did he get the kiss, finally ? trippy that she was upset for days for this ?