Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heil Fuehrer!

I saw one of the best World War II movies today - "Der untergang" or "The downfall". Excellent movie I should say; conveyed what it wanted to say clearly. It was not about the war exactly. It was more about what was happening personally around hitler during his last few weeks. The time when Berlin was going down. It shows how people treated the "Fuehrer". He was like a god for most of them. I always liked Hitler for his character. The most ideal military man I have ever heard of; stood by his principles till the end. It really touches your heart when Hitler feels betrayed by his own generals. When he realizes that his orders were no longer getting executed completely, he loses faith :'(. Its not about the war, its all about hitler and thats why I liked this movie a lot more than other general WWII movies and sentiments with people getting killed. I would have probably liked if germans had won the world war II. Dont ask me what the world would have been like if that did happen :-/ That'll probably be another blog :)

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