Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Big Bigil!!

So.. I have been interested in playing flute lately, thanks to my friend hari! the total enthu god in carnatic... I was searching and searching for websites which give useful info for learning flute.. Most of them are about carnatic music, but vocal. There is this prof in RPI named "Shiv kumar" who has put hazaaaaaaaaaaaar enthu in making a website with all kinds of info for learning carnatic music, mostly vocal. http://www.ecse.rpi.edu/Homepages/shivkuma/music/

One of the seniors actually told me that he no longer puts enthu, since he is married and has kids and stuff. He has no time for it :(. I saw him in the department corridor I think, today. I wanted to go and gen talk to him about it, but didnt :-/. I was kinda nervous to talk to a prof generally about music and all. I was bulbing actually. I tried to do something else, and put my pen in my shirt pocket only to realize that there was no pocket. It was so shady... :)) He just looked at me and walked past. He must be tripping at me now :|

I met an american guy here, named Jeff, studying in the Electronic Arts department at RPI. He told me that he has even composed soundtracks for some english movies. I was like "WoooW! why the hell did this guy come to RPI?". He told me that he'll be meeting some professor at RPI today, who is some renowned flutist. He might not be able to teach, but he said he can try to get some contie who can teach flute. I was so happy :D

Anyway, basically I wanted to post something on what I was doing currently and keep you people informed. If you are wondering what "Bigil" means, you should probably ask some chennai tam d00d about it :)!


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

I'm sure he wouldn't have laughed at you if you went and approached him right away in spite of the shady act with the pen. In stead, he would've quitely taken out a flute from his t-shirt(which doesn't have a pocket) and started teaching you :|

Sriram said...

Well some info!!!!!!!!