Friday, August 18, 2006

Greek city aint too geeky ....

I have been non-geeky things for a long time now.. Did you people notice that? :-? Let me go about outlining the things that have happened in the recent past. Guess thats what a blog is all about.

My flight journey was terrible, I should say... My flight was on the day next to that terrorist plot being foiled in UK. So, there was so much of security check everywhere that I felt like stripping completely and walking in the aiports... total pain!! every 10 mins there'll be a big queue and people have to remove everything from the pockets and the shoes also... then they'll check the boarding card and let me through.. argh!! Thanks to these idiots, I missed my connecting flight at Philadelphia and had to wait in the airport for 4 ducking hours.

After that life has been better, I stayed with the seniors :) Believe me I didnt miss my house grub AT ALL! They are expert cooks man! I even told those seniors, you people would probably make great husbands :P So, if theres any girl reading this.. probably you can look for husbands who did their post grads in US :)

And yeah, TA orientation and training has been taking almost all of my day time. From morning 8:30 to 4:00 PM they keep doing some activity or the other. To describe a typical day, I'll tell you what I did today. In the morning, we had lectures from the "Archer center for leadership training" and we did a lot of group activities. After the lunch, we had a lecture from Prof in the psychology about how to deal with depression and suicidal tendancies of Undergraduate students whom we teach. After that we were shown small videos on problems that most undergrads face and asked as of how we would react to it... Let me tell you, it was horrible. I would never want to solve such problems for them. Its all too personal. One of the situation was like this. "A girl comes to you and complains that the her labmate is hitting on her. Now, how'll you deal with this problem?" I mean, WHAT THE HELL??!? This is way beyond my responsibilities... OMG! I would never want to resolve such issues for others. But I guess I have to :(

Another trippy thing happened two days ago. We were going through this SPEAK test rules and stuff like that. The "Master TAs" as they are called are supposed to help us out by giving us some practice question. There was one story about a guy sitting in a park bench which had a wet paint. So, a korean guy was asked to tell the story. He started the story and went on slowly... and then he said " The man yelled "Oh my god! I sat and wet my pants!" ". I was lmfao =)). The Master TA was not laughing though. She went on to explain the guy what it really meant " You know when you say " I wet my pants" it could also mean that you actually peed in your pants". I couldnt stop laughing. I just turned my face so that it doesnt look awkward. But it was so funny :)) She was patiently explaining it to him some three times until he understood :D Poor female. Its funny when you think of yourself in such a situation. I would have surely laughed at him even if I were that Master TA :P

And yeah, I started bigiling here also ...... Lets hope I continue blogging :)


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